BirdRock Home Seagrass Accent Stool

If you are looking for seagrass chair for sale, you are on the right place. Here you’ll find out how awesome seagrass accent stool is for any home.

What is so great about this seagrass stool?

First of all, it’s made from renewable materials like wood, durable abaca fibers and seagrass. This will give you not only good feeling when you sit on it, but also environment friendly piece of furniture.

You can also use it as extra seat or a side table. Isn’t this awesome?

Is there a color to choose?

Yes, you can choose between Espresso – darker color or Natural – lighter color. It all depends, where you will have this seagrass stool in your home and what color of furniture will surround it.
This is also great as patio furniture. It’s light, but still weight enough, that first breeze will not move it from its spot on your patio.

Why Seagrass Furniture is so popular?

Seagrass Accent Stool naturalEvery single piece of seagrass furnture, is popular among users. Some of them are big and can use it few people simultaneously, other pieces are just great, because of its turgidity and light weight construction. So there is no wonder why so many people use seagrass furniture during the summer.

Usability of BirdRock Home Seagrass Accent Stool

You can use it anywhere in your home. If you need an extra seat,this is just perfect to have at home. If you move it closer to your couch, you can use it as side table or you use it as foot stool.

Dimensions: 13.5-Inch wide x 13.5-Inch deep x 21-Inch high

Weight: 11 pounds

If you like it and want to know more, you’ll definitely should check out HERE and NOW!

What about this 2 seagrass stools?

Seagrass Backless BarstoolSeagrass Backless Barstool – Medium

You’ll actually get Set of 2 Medium Seagrass Backless BarStools. It’s handwoven natural fiber over a padded seat.

This is great if you have a bar or patio.
There’s also transverse bars, where you can rest your feet.

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Bird Rock Seagrass BarstoolBird Rock Seagrass Barstool with Mahogany Wood Frame

It’s handwoved high quality Seagrass and Abaca plant fibers wrapped around a solid mahogany wood frame, which gives stylish look to this seagrass barstool. It also have a reinforced foam-padded seat, which gives even more confortable feeling to a person, which sit on it.

Weight: 20 pounds.

Seat Height: 24″

Clearance Under Footrest: 7″ Distance Between Legs: 14″

Side to side; 15.5″

Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 pounds
Go here to find out more about Bird Rock Seagrass Barstool with Mahogany Wood Frame.

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