Ella Vanity Stool

Vanity stool have special value among furniture.
Their purpose is to bring uniqueness into the space and spice up the look of the room.
However, without them, spaces like living room or bedroom will not be the same.

So let’s talk about this gorgeous piece of furniture – Ella Vanity stool.

Let’s do this from top to the bottom.

Ella Vanity StoolBack support is feature, that gives more valuable to every stool. Even though, its comfortable back support looks very nice. On the sides this support slowly disappear in seating surface on the place of hips. So there is no side squeeze.

The upholstered, tufted seat is great to sit on. It’s comfortable and combination with the skirt looks great .

The skirt bottom cover gives to this Vanity stool uniqueness and elegance.

Where can you use it

Ella vanity stool is great accessory to any living room as well as for bedroom. If you have the table with mirror, you can use it there as well.


30˝  High
19˝  Wide
23˝  Deep

Its quality is shown also from rating of the satisfied customers that already get Ella Vanity Stool.

At the moment have 4,9 stars from five, rated from 11 customers. In my opinion, this rating speak for itself that this is a good quality Vanity stool.

There are many good vanity stools on the market, but if you give your vote to Ella Vanity stool, it’s just right time and place to Go here and check Ella’s tehnical details.

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