How to clean teak shower benches and stools

Cleaning and maintaining of any kind of furniture are very important. Teak shower benches are no exception in this. Anyway, this is not important only because of the health benefits, but also because it will last much longer and it will have nicer look too.

We all know that teak wood is tropical wood, which is the best to withstand any kind of weather conditions. Because of that and its sturdiness are the main reason, why is used for best patio and poolside furniture. It’s also used for boat decks exterior construction and in boat building in general.

Its golden honey color is the eye catchy and with very little maintenance, you can keep it that way for a very long time. If you don’t clean it properly and regularly, it will develop silver gray patina color, which is not so pretty to see. So clean it regularly and keep its luxurious look of golden honey color.

How to clean teak shower stools and benches

You should clean your teak shower bench or stool regularly. So, you will prevent discoloration, mold build-up, and mildew.

The first rule, when you decide to clean your teak shower stool or bench is to start with the least aggressive solution. If you don’t succeed to remove all the stains, you should gradually move to a bit more aggressive concentrated.
Sometimes is all you have to do is to quick wash with mild soap and warm water.

For deeper cleaning, you should use some more aggressive solutions.
Here is something that is easy to do, so let’s talk bout two solutions DIY.

First is, to mix vinegar with a gallon of warm water, which is awesome as the cleaning solution. It’s natural and very effective too.

The second is a bit rougher. Mix one cup of bleach and a cup of laundry detergent with warm water and use this mixture as the solution for cleaning your teak shower bench.

If your teak shower stool or any other piece of teak patio furniture is extremely stained, mix in two teaspoons of trisodium phosphate.

Not so long ago, I clean my neglected teak poolside furniture with some real dark stains. For cleaning it I use a commercial grade teak wood cleaner, which I purchase on Amazon.

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What you need to clean your teak shower stool

For proper cleaning, you should follow few simple rules and steps fo your own good and your teak furniture.

Things you need for cleaning:

– Spray bottle/garden sprayer
– Appropriate cleaning solution
– Plastic scrubbing brush
– A protective coating

To apply the cleaning solution, use spray bottle or garden sprayer. The garden sprayer does its job better because it requires less effort and distributes the solution smoothly and evenly.

It’s very important that you do your cleaning in the well-ventilated area. Spray your cleaning item completely to get wet and let the solution to soak in. Keep your teak vanity stool wet so the solution will soak for about 15 minutes.
If you use the commercial teak wood cleaner, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

To scrub stains, mold and other dirt from your teak wood furniture is best to use the plastic scrubbing brush. It will do its job great and without any damages on the wood.

After the solution is properly soaked and you scrub teak shower stool, use the garden hose to rinse it all off and wipe it dry with the cloth.

Steps to clean teak wood furniture:

Step 1:
-Move the piece of furniture you want to clean in the shade.

Step 2:
– Spray it with the solution and keep it wet for 15 minutes, so the solution will soak in.

Step 3:
-Scrub it with the plastic scrubbing brush.

Step 4:
-Use the garden hose and rinse it all off.

Step 5:
-Wipe it out with a cloth till it’s dry.

Step 6:
-Leave it at least 24 hours to dry it properly

Step 7:
-If there are some stains left, repeat the procedure with the more aggressive solution.

If it’s OK, coat it with oil, to protect your teak vanity stool. Before you coat it with oil you can dry the item for 48 hours.

Tips and tricks

When you start to a cleaning of your Teak wood poolside furniture or teak vanity stool, do it in the shade. The reason is that the sun can dry the furniture very fast. If that happens, the solution you use to clean, will not have time to soak up properly and the cleaning is more or less meaningless.

When you finish, wait at least 24 hours, so the cleaned piece of teak furniture will dry out. If there are still some stains, you can use a half of a cup of oxalic acid and mix it with the gallon of hot water. For cleaning use the same steps that we talk about before.

After every cleaning, I coat my teak poolside furniture and other teak furniture like the vanity stool made from teak wood with oil for better protection.

Before coating with oil, be sure that your cleaned item is completely dry.

Following these instructions, your teak shower stool and other teak wood furniture will last much longer and it will look awesome for years if not for a lifetime.

I hope, that these instructions about how to clean teak shower bench and stools will help you to keep your furniture clean and nice look as well to last much longer.

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