Teak Pi Stool

Are you looking for something special to have in your bathroom or any other room in your home? Something that no one that you know have, but is very useful and is resistant to conditions in any bathroom. Something that is durable, stylish and artistic at the same time? Here it is. Teak Pi Stool! Teak Pi StoolTeak is generally known as a best wood that is used for bathroom furniture. Actually, it’s so resistant to water and weather conditions that is used also for patio furniture. It’s very easy to maintain and it last for very long time. If you look closely, you will see artistic rendition of the scientific Pi symbol. This Teak stool is an elegant and sturdy piece of furniture so it can be used as a additional seat in your home. Many people that purchase this Teak Pi stool, use it like a small coffee table or display table. It’s very unique and very handy. This work of art could help you in your bathroom. If you are tired, you can sit on it. You can put your leg on it while you are shaving your legs. Maybe you use it just to put your dry towel on it. Older people can sit on it while they take a shower. Your kids can sit on it during the haircuts. Those are only few choices that you have with this useful Teak stool. You can use it also in living room or in bedroom. It’s great addition to every style of furniture. It’s definitely artistic piece of furniture that is nice to see it in every room of your beloved home. Product Dimensions: 19″ x 17 3/4″ x 12″

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