Teak shower stools

Teak shower stool is the best choice of shower stools. Reason is very simple. Teak have an average lifespan over 75 years and is resistant to water, weather and warping. That makes it perfect for bathroom furniture, steam room or sauna.

You can also use the same stools for outdoor furniture, because it will withstand season after season of use with no need for winter storage. As you can see, teak shower stools can be quite versatile and are quite good investment.

Teak Shower stoolShower stool is very practical, elegant and feels totally natural. The bathroom is very damp room, so every wood is not good enough for a shower stool. And this is where teak comes in. Teak shower stools don’t have any problems with damp. Teak actually don’t have problems with many different things. Teak is highly water resistant, decay, insect and bacteria free. And that makes it perfect for hot, wet and steamy places like bathroom.

You’ve seen what the humidity can do to a wood, right? No need to worry about that with teak shower stool. Teak shower stools are probably the most durable wooden shower chairs in the world and are capable of managing the cold, heat, mold, dampness and mildew. Teak contains a lot of natural oils that makes teak so resistible to almost everything.

If you don’t want all wood shower stool, you can choose teak shower stool with aluminium legs. Those are more appropriate for contemporary bathrooms. And in most cases, they also the most affordable.

Teak shower stool can also be used in sauna or steam room. All that heat and steam can’t hurt this stools. This stools or benches can also be used as an outdoor furniture. Sun and rain have nothing on them.


What About The Price?

All the good properties of teak shower stool don’t come cheap. They are actually quite expensive. The price for teak shower stools or teak shower benches starts around 40$ and goes up even to 250$ for teak shower benches. Best place to get them for more affordable prices is Amazon.com and eBay.com.

I know that this looks like unfair price for shower stool, but consider the quality you get for this money. Teak shower stools have about 75 years lifespan, so that means that you will pay just under a buck per year and not much more then 3 bucks if you opt-in for high class teak shower bench. Teak shower stool is actually a life time investment.

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