Vanity Stools and Vanity Chairs


Vanity Stools are intended to use in bedroom or in bathroom. If you choose Bathroom Vanity Stool, make certain that your bathroom vanity must compliment your bathroom style. New bathroom vanity is an excellent way to provide your bathroom a whole new look. If you decide for Vanity Stool for your bathroom, choose vanity stool from material that will resist damage from humidity as wood or wicker.

For bedroom you can choose the materials and style that most fit into your bedroom. Vanity stools are usually round or rectangular, but maybe you prefer Vanity Chairs.

Shapes of Vanity Stools:

Rectangular Vanity Stools:

In this style of Vanity Stools you can find wide variety of styles. Some of Rectangular Vanity Stools have arm rests, some come without them. You can choose flat, contemporary vanity stools with concave middle part of the seat, or slightly convex upholstery stools from many variety of materials as tapestry, velvet, cotton and leather.

Round Vanity Stools:

Round Vanity Stools are usually lightweight and small so you can use it as an extra seat. It’s very practical, because you can put Round Vanity Stool under the Vanity when you don’t need it.

You can see Round Vanity Stool in many old movies with a thick upholstered cushion and fabric draped around the legs. They can have visible metal or wooden legs. Most of Round Vanity Stools have fabric seats. Very rare you can find one with leather seat.


Vanity Chairs:

Vanity Chairs are rare but you can find them on the market. Usually they are made from wood with fabric upholstered seats. Vanity Chairs provide you with more back support. The only disadvantage of Vanity Chair is, that you can’t put it under the Vanity, but you must leave it somewhere near the Vanity.

Vanity Benches:

Vanity Bench is same shape as Rectangular Vanity Stool but have wider seating space. Some of them have arm rests on the sides. You can use it like one extra seat, but you must aware that Vanity Bench required a little bit more space than Vanity Stool.

Same as the rectangular vanity chair, you can choose contemporary vanity bench with a lowered middle of the seat, flat or slightly arched upholstered bench from many different materials such as velvet, tapestry, leather and cotton.
Vanity Bench on the picture, can be used in bathroom too.


When you think about purchase Vanity Chair or Vanity stool you must consider about space that you have in bedroom or bathroom. Vanity Stools and Chairs are used only few minutes a day, but you have them inside your bathroom or bedroom all day long.

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