Vanity stools with wheels

Moving of vanity stools can be hard for older people. Especially those stools which are combined wit metal parts. Vanity stools with wheels are great solution for them.

If you check on amazon online store, you can find few very gorgeous piece of vanity stools with wheels. Modern style and elegant shape are seductive and it’s very eye catchy piece of furniture.
Wheels are used for few reasons. One of those is definitely because of easy moving around. It’s also very handy when you clean the floor, so you don’t need to struggle with moving the stool around the room.

Clear Acrylic vanity bench with wheelsAcrylic Stool With Wheels by Degas Designs

This is a handmade Acrylic stool with wheels by Degas Design. It will definitely look awesome in your home or even better in your office.
Acrylic stool can be one of those ideas to get your home unique look, which anyone will notice immediately.
This is the product which look very fragile, but it’s very durable and easy to clean, which is another advantage of this product.
Anyway. If you want to have something extra in your living room or office that fits just perfect in room no matter which furniture style you have. I highly recommend this stool.
By the way. It also have a five stars, which was give from satisfied customers, so this speak for itself that this is an awesome product.


Assembled Height     19 inches
Assembled Width      19.25 inches
Assembled Depth      16 inches
Weight                        26 Pounds


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