Why choose Home Styles Naples Vanity Bench

The Home Styles Naples Vanity Bench is a gorgeous looking vanity bench that’s made completely of hardwood solids. With a flashy exterior design that boasts elegance and high-quality, it adds a contemporary and modern feel to every home. It currently retails on Amazon and similar retailers for under $80, which allows just about everybody to find a perfect stool for their home. From the outside, it features a cream vinyl which looks absolutely superb. The quality of the vinyl looks outstanding and it complements the whole stool just perfect. The cushioned seat is extremely comfortable and is appealing to sit on. Unlike other stools within this price range, the cushion actually looks and feels great. Once you sit down on it, you’ll find it hard to get back up with. Lastly, it features slightly flared legs which add to the whole design and make the Home Styles Naples Vanity Bench a must-have accessory for any homeowner currently on a budget.

It measures 17-inch width by 15-inch depth and 19-inch height. It has a multi-step white finish which blends in rather nicely with the cream vinyl. The quality of the bench looks outstanding and it doesn’t matter what reason you want it for. It’s sturdy and well-built enough to withstand people sitting on it, and it also acts as a nice decoration for the corner of a room. If you’re looking to add modern elegance to your home, then putting the Home Styles Naples Vanity Bench in a corner could just set off the whole room and finish it all off.

The stool looks like it would be from an antique shop and that the price tag would be much higher. For only $76, the Home Styles Naples Vanity Bench is an absolute bargain. The most obvious use for it is to help a home look elegant, modern and contemporary.


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